Using a 10 Minute Workout to Help You Look Good in Your Birthday Suit

Everyone wants that perfect beach body especially during the summer time. It’s not good enough to look great in a tank top or shirt. You want to look good fully naked. This means that you need to work every part of your body out in order to give yourself the right symmetry from top to bottom. You don’t need to do an excessive 2 hour workout to look incredible. The key is going from 10 minutes and building up your stamina so you progress and keep at it. Consistency is key and here are a few workouts you can do right in your own home.

Get Started with an Ali Shuffle

Remember the footwork Muhammad Ali used to do in theboxing ring? Well, apply the same thing to workout format. Put your feet together and then do a scissors motion with your legs back and forth. This is a really engaging thing to do for your quad, calves, and overall leg tone. Not to mention, you’ll get incredible cardio to help with your breathing. If you haven’t the time or money for a gym or equipment, this is a great way to warm your bloodstream up. Additionally, you can switch things up in case this feels a bit too heavy. You can do quick step intervals in between your Ali shuffle. This gives you some great variation and it also makes the work out more intense. This is what you want. You can do these for 30 to 45 seconds a piece in a few intervals. Then you can take a short break to get to another workout.

Get a Good Burst of Energy with Your Quick Jack

This is a variation on the jumping jack exercise you may be used to in your old physical education class. The key is more impact on the legs. If you’re looking to tone up your lower half, this is the workout you need in your life. Martial artists tend to do this while hitting the sides of their core. The impact helps them build stronger abs to take attacks around this area. If you ever decided to do a kickboxing cardio class, this might be a nice variation you can use in order to whip your core into shape. Go for an in and out motion with your hands to the side to build your hip and butt muscles.

Build Your Arms and Chest with a Push Up and Rotate

This is a nice variation on a traditional push up. You’re going to start in a push up position and go down into a regular push up. Then what you’re going to do is come up and rotate your hips and stretch your arm out. This is a great way to elongate your body a bit more. It also engages your core muscle because you are doing a twisting motion at the end. You can do the same thing but make sure you twist on the other side. You want your body to equally feel the burn all over your abdomen. By doing these great workouts, you’ll get a full range of physicality. This is more important in order to give you a developed look all over your body.