Triceps Cable Pushdown

image1So now you should have learned a few things about working the different muscles in your arms and we are going to continue with these awesome exercises to give you amazing arms with this next move which is a triceps cable pushdown.  Do a warm up first to help stretch your muscles out and so they have a little give when you’re exercising. Warm ups are a key step before working out so before you proceed with any workout give yourself some time to get a good warmup in. Watch the warm up video in this series for some great moves to prepare your muscles for your time weight training. For this particular exercise you’ll of course need a cable machine and I image2suggest you use a rope attachment like you’ll notice I’ll be using right here. Using the rope instead of a hard handle is important because it helps each of your arms work somewhat independently and that’s what you want to keep you muscle gain more equal and stop you from favoring one arm more and having the other act more so like a guide. The rope handle should be attached to the high pulley or high cable on the cable machine.

Start by keeping your stance proper which consists of you keeping your back straight and your feet shoulder width apart. With each hand, grip the handles on the rope with your fists closed around it firmly and your wrists facing each other. Once you have a good grip extend your arms down to the floor. Slowly bring your hand back up to your chest and once again extend down to the floor. You can sometimes spread your hands out a little bit as you’re pulling down image3but make sure you try to do this evenly on both sides.  You should be able to really feel that whole movement and keep the tension on your triceps during the whole movement. Do this exercise with a suitable amount of weight so you’re feeling the burn between your 10th and 15th rep in each set of repetitions.  Occasionally you may see some people going a bit fast and using a lot of momentum and that is not what you want. They are not getting a proper workout by going faster. The momentum is taking away some of the tension from their work-out and it’s also put them in danger of pulling or injuring a muscle more easily. Keep a slow and steady pace for best results. You’ll feel more of a burn while you work your muscles slowly anyway so stick to that method and you’ll notice the results you are hoping for faster. Your triceps make up two thirds of the muscles in your arms so using this exercise to work them is really going to benefit you. You’ll still need to work on your other muscles in your arms but the triceps are a very important part that many people have the tendency to not think of when they are shooting for those big defined arms they want. Use this knowledge to get the awesome arms you want.