Tighten Those Arms in 10 Minutes!

Anna Renderer from PopSugar Fitness says that toned arms are essential no matter what season it is, and in this video she’s presenting a 10-minute arm workout that’s going to target and tighten that arm jiggle.

Warming up

Start with a big arm circle to warm up your shoulders. Begin with big circles, switch to smaller ones, and feel the burn as you do it. And then you’ll go all the way again to the opposite direction with big shoulder circles. Do big circles and then small circles forward, and then big circles and small circles backward.

Continuing the warm-up, Renderer switches to boxing to warm up the shoulder. “Remember arms, shoulders are all connected, so we are warming it up. Back-and-forth, keep your abs tight.”

Using weights

She suggests that you use a five-pound weight in each hand for this exercise. Bend your elbows at 90 degrees and move from your shoulders to continue warming up your upper body. You can accelerate or decelerate as needed. “So you are going to start to feel it through those shoulders and your triceps and biceps are here holding that weight stationary in place 90 degrees.”

Speeding up will increase the workout. The “arm jiggle” goes away when you straighten the triceps and biceps, so that’s what you’re aiming for. Now you can start alternating your tricep extension. Keep your back flat and chest high, with your elbows close to your body, and now extend one arm first, bring it in, and then the other. This isolates the backs of your arms nicely.

Now you’re going to do some straight-arm extensions, hitting both the back and the triceps. Start by moving it back all the way and feel the muscle lengthen. Pause, and then bring it forward. Make sure that your back stays flat and your abs stay tight. Breathe, and bring it back again. Pause, breathe, and forward.

Working on the floor

The first thing to do is a tricep push-up. Keep your elbows as close to your body as you can. And then do a straight-arm kickback; so your feet go wide. Make sure that they are wide; that’s what will give you stability. Bring your elbows in tight. Press out, then you are going to bring one arm back, abs are tight, bring it down, other arm back, bring it down; go back to your push-up. Elbows in tight. Good,

Now move onto your back. Put your knees up at 90 degrees, your arms should be pointing up toward the sky, now bring the weights to your ears and then extend your arms straight.

Next is a bicep curl. Keep your arms open and lean back slightly. Bring your elbows up and squeeze in. Do this one for 10 reps.

You can leave the weights now for a seated dip. Start in a bridge position, you’re your hips up making sure that your weight is over your hands, and bend at the elbows, extend up, dip, up… another 10 repetitions.