Take it to the Next Level with Intermediate and Advanced Cardio Kickboxing

Kickboxing is the ultimate sport and fitness type. You really have to be in shape to get to the next level in your kickboxing regimen. However, this can really take your fitness prowess off the charts. After you get grounded in the basics, get accustomed to some of the more intermediate and advanced level cardio kickboxing tactics. You’ll challenge your body and set it up to hit different marks in your training. Here’s how you can achieve intermediate and advanced stages of cardio kickboxing.

Build Your Foundation with Some Good Punching Techniques

The main punches you’ll use in your kickboxing include the following: jab, cross, uppercut. These all serve different purposes and can give you an edge depending on your position in a fight. A jab is a basic punch where you extend your arm out without locking your elbow and draw into a guard position. The target is the nose and chin. You get power for your cross by lifting your heel and making a small pivot to connect to the face. The uppercut focuses on a small dip and you really work your shoulder for torque in order to get the full power needed to connect. Having good technique with these three attacks will help you get good range and movement for your upper body.

Get the Right Movement for Your Kicks

From the front kick to the back kick, it’s good to diversify your movement and use each technique to help you keep your opponent off guard. We will start with the front kick. You’ll lift your knee and push it through with the ball of your foot. You can go higher than parallel to the floor, but as a beginner you’ll have to train that skill until become proficient at that leg position. The roundhouse is a good one to connect to the face. Make sure you keep your standing leg to the side while the striking one has a circular motion. To get the full impact, you must use your knee, hip, and heel all together for the most powerful hit. A good back kick also use an extending method. Step from the heels as you raise the knee to your chest and get your toes pointed to make the strike behind you. This is a place you may be taken by surprise.

Mix Things Up with Great Combinations

Whether you want to jab, cross, and roundhouse or front kick to back kick, you really have a lot of options in order to mix your movements. This is a great way to find low and high impact places to strike on the body. Knowing how your body moves and how you can emphasize different strike zones will turn you into quite a fighter. Not only is this cardio, but this can help you survive on the street. It’s a great way to help you catch someone off guard by creating good mix-ups in order to stay spontaneous. You never want someone to know your intentions regarding a target area. These are just a few great ways you can step up your cardio and advance your kickboxing skills all in one.