Strengthening the Mommy Baby Bond

For most women the bond between mother and infant is almost instantaneous from birth. However, this is not the case for all mothers. Some mothers suffer from post-partum issues, others are simply too tired to connect after having a troublesome pregnancy and delivery. These women often feel embarrassed or ashamed of the lack of a maternal bond right after giving birth which leads to depression issues. These feelings are natural, but they don’t have to be on-going. Adding some enjoyable and fun bonding activities to your alone time with your baby will stimulate the bond that you feel you are missing; while stimulating your infant’s physical and emotional development.

Mommy and Me Swim Classes

Infancy is the best time to begin teaching your child to swim. This is because they have yet to develop a fear of water and their natural response instincts to being placed in water is to kick their leg and flap their arms; the main movements associated with swimming.

According to the Center for Disease Control on average two children under the age of fourteen die from accidental drowning every day; with statistics like this it is imperative that children learn to swim at an early age.

In addition to teaching your infant a skill that could very well save their life someday, mommy and me classes are intentionally structured to nurture the bond between mother and child. These classes help the mother relax with their child under situations that may be stressful, and incorporate instructional play that builds bonding between mother and child.

Organizations such as the Red Cross and local recreation centers offer an assortment of swim classes for individuals of all ages, as well as mommy and me sessions providing you with several resources for this valuable learning and bonding experience.

Mommy and Me Yoga

Yoga is one of those activities that you can perform anywhere anytime with little preparation. The practice of yoga relaxes the body, mind, and spirit creating an open conduit for bonding and gentle interactions. For an infant the yoga positions seem like play which increases their bond with their mother.

Performing regular mommy and me yoga sessions improves you and your baby’s healthy while teaching your baby at an early age that exercise, stretching, and healthy interaction are important to having a well-rounded healthy lifestyle.

Mommy and Me Classes

Besides swim and yoga there are a variety of different types of mommy and me classes offered through local recreation centers and non-profit organizations. These classes are intended to build a stronger more affectionate and interactive bond between mother and child while promoting fun. Some of the kinds of classes that you will find available are art, music, sports, and Gymboree.

Obviously the types of classes and activities that you choose to do with your child will depend on the child’s age and developmental abilities. However, with so many options available targeted at all age and development levels, you should be able to find a class or activity that stimulates both of your interests and bonding needs.