Simple swimsuit exercises for women to have shaped physique

People love to visit the beach for enjoying the time with their family or friends. Men should wear the trousers and women should wear the bikini for taking sun baths and enjoy playing with sea. The beach suits will be apt for the people with good physical suture however all of us can’t have a fit physique naturally. There are some exercises that help the people to have a better structure and it will be exposed glamorously on the beach suit.

Especially, women should follow the exercise routine for getting a charming structure. Here some of the best bathing workouts are explained for women. So, the users are advised to follow them in their home or in fitness centre for shaping their structure.

Purpose of bathing suit workouts:

Women like to appear sexy in the bathing suits because the bikini will be apt only to the structure with good curves. Unluckily, most of the women have the belly fat and enlarged thighs that prevent them to wear the bathing suits and they also hesitate to wear such suits. So, the bathing suit workout helps them to reduce the fat storage and let them to wear the bikini after getting a likeable appearance. The women are advised to follow the given bathing suit workouts everyday because it is good for health at the same time helps them to maintain their fitness. It is simple to follow and the users can do it in their home using basic exercising equipments.

Bikini suit Workouts:

Women are advised to follow the given swimsuit exercise for at least 20 minutes. Each exercise takes minimum 5 minutes to complete. The optional equipment while doing these exercises is dumbbells.

  • Front Lifting: Stand straight and uplift your hands first. Then slowly lift your right leg up to your abs and hold it for 20seconds. Repeat the same for both legs twice. It helps to reduce the fat in thighs, abs and calves.
  • Front Lunging: Lower the lunge and bring both hands straight to your shoulder. Do it for 2 counts then repeat it for the left side.
  • Push Up/Pull up for legs: take pushup position first then lift legs straight. The arms should be straight and do 5 push-ups. Both legs should be lifted for 3 counts. It strengthens the chest, spine and the legs.
  • One-arm side kick: straighten your right hand in push up position then straight your left leg. The head and the knee should be straight. Do the vice-versa and after completing the counts return to the position.
  • Bent knee & roll down: Sit straight and bent your knee towards your chin. Repeat the same for 5 counts. The hands should be straight.
  • Hip circle: lead your elbows back and extend your legs up to 60 degrees. Keep your toes for 30 seconds.

So, following these exercises regularly will completely change the appearance of the women and they can wear any kind of bath suits. It gives the expected result within short duration.