Simple Steps to Stop Smoking

Simple Steps to Quit Smoking

For smokers, quitting can be very tough. This is not to mean that it is impossible. All that is required is for one to prepare well and learn all about the available options. This will help in making the quitting process a lot easier. Breaking a smoking addiction is more like a game; one is required to tailor the gameplay to your needs in order to win. Different smokers have smoke for different reasons for their smoking habit, have different cravings as well as different smoking habits. Kicking this deadly habit will require one to consider all these in order to be successful. If followed to the letter, the steps below can go a long way in helping you quit smoking:

            1. Plan to Quit

Once you decide it is time to put down the lighter, the first thing to do is plan for a support system. Support systems can be resources such as smoking anonymous groups or even a friend who has gone through the same process before. Such a friend will help keep you in check and advice you how best to start. Such friends or support systems can act as your ‘sober partner’.

Another step in planning is going public. Let all you friends and family know that you have decide to quit smoking. This way, none of them will offer you a smoke or intentionally expose you to any smoking triggers. This will go a long way in helping you quit the habit.

Medication can be another way to plan ahead. Though not highly advisable due to their side-effects, drugs such as Zyban will help one kill off the habit. They are normally taken for 3 months.

            2. Shake Up your Daily Routine

For most smokers, a daily routine would involve waking up, preparing a hot cup of coffee, lighting one up as you head to the office. If at all one is to quit, such routines should be shaken up a bit. Your new routine should include a cold shower and using a travelling coffee mug for work. If you normally bought cigarettes from a convenient store on your way to work, find another route to work.

Normally, smokers use cigarettes as a way to keep their hand busy while walking. Find something else for this such as fat-free popcorn or buy yourself a water bottle.

The kind of paraphernalia you bused to store in your car, bedroom or office should also be switched up. Get rid of any smoking paraphernalia be it your ash-tray or your favorite lighter. Make sure all your environments are clear of all smoking paraphernalia.

            3. Anticipate for Challenges

Quitting smoking is never a walk in the park. Slipups are part of the process. Most people find themselves slipping on a daily basis which in the end beats the logic behind quitting. Therefore, it would be prudent for one to plan ahead for such slipups. The best option is to look for nicotine patches, lozenges or gums. They will give you the fix you need to avoid smoking.

Another challenge will be the withdrawal symptoms which include mouth sores, breathlessness, coughs and constipation. Dealing with these effects will include taking a lot of water daily (walk around with a water bottle), taking regular hot baths, resting enough and STAYING CLEAR OF CAFFEINE.