Seated Dumbbell Curls

So the exercise we will be doing now is the seated dumbbell curl. You’ll need an adjustable work-out bench to sit on and some dumb bells of course. You’ll need two weights that weigh enough that you’re struggling a little bit when you’re at the end of a set of repetitions. You should feel a good burn happening in your arms when you’re doing this and that’s the feeling of a successful work-out so make sure that is happening. Holding on to your weights in each hand, start this exercise with your palms facing outward. Next you are going to begin curling up starting with the right hand and then curl up with the left hand. Keep your arms at your sides while doing this and we will be curling up and down about 10-15 times with each arm for 3 sets. Take 30-60 second breaks in between your sets to catch your breath and give your muscles a rest. You don’t want this break to be over a minute because you
want your heart rate higher to really help give you an affective work-out. Again, just make sure that you are doing the right amount of reps in each set. 10-15 for each arm will translate to 20-30 reps total in each set. When you’re doing your seated dumbbell curls you need to make sure you’re doing so in a slow and controlled manner so you’re feeling the burn as you build your muscles to what you want them to be.
So today you’ll notice this is just part of the series of arm exercises we are doing and they are all different bicep exercises and tricep exercises. The reason why we are using all of these is because variety is the key to maximizing development and stimulating your muscle growth for both men and women. For those amazing results you’re looking for it is key to always stimulate that muscle in as many different ways as you possibly can. It’s also important to take a rest period because muscles grow during rest periods. To give you a quick recap; you want to stimulate your muscles during a work-out, rest, eat right, and they will regrow bigger and stronger.
For the second set of this exercise we will be doing the hammer variation of the dumbbell curl. For this move you’ll need all the same equipment but you need to turn your wrist and hold the weight just like you would hold a hammer. Once your wrists are turned and ready to work, start with one side curling up to your chest, keeping your arms at your sides and curling down, than proceed to curl the other arm up and then down as well. This is called the hammer variation as opposed to the straight variation where our palms were facing out. I’m just showing you this exercise right now and I’m using less weight than I normally would so I can keep my breath while I demonstrate and talk to you. I’m not taking the correct rest but remember to take your rest when you do these moves. Good luck on your journey to awesome arms.