Replenish Your Energy with Some Trail Mix and Smoothie Recipes

Are you on the go all day long or you’re an athlete that needs energy? Sometimes you don’t have the luxury of planning out your meals all day, but you don’t want to reach for that sugary and fattening snack that provides no nutritional value. You can use some trail mix for your protein and smoothies to get some sound nutrients in your blood stream. Luckily, these recipes don’t take very long and they actually provide you with great energy. Here are some tips to help you out create a delicious and healthy snack.

Why Should You Create a Smoothie or Trail Mix?

In a busy schedule, it’s hard to eat on time with every meal. If you’re an athlete, your schedule may be to eat every 2-3 hours. However, you want it to be clean or relatively healthy. Sure, you can go to a local fast food restaurant, but that doesn’t provide you with the nutrition needed. A good smoothie can help load you with good vitamins and nutrients to keep your energy levels optimal during the day. Additionally, it helps replenish your body after your workout sessions. You don’t have to think about getting a good meal when you have vegetables and fruits in your system. The trail mix is a great snack because it provides you with protein. It helps you stay full and build more muscle. It’s a good way to keep your body in good flow.  Luckily, these recipes are very easy to create before you get started with the day. It’s a good replacement in case you can’t get to a healthy meal easily. Let’s start with a good smoothie.

Creating a Good Smoothie

You can get any vegetables and fruits together and put it in a blender. First, get a good amount of ice and put it in the bottom. Then take a peeled banana and put it on top. Next, get a ½ cup of blueberries and some Greek yogurt for viscosity. You can add some spinach to give you some antioxidants and leafy greens. Take a ½ cup of pineapples to give it a sweet yet acidic feel. Pineapples are great for adding Vitamin C.  Additionally, you’ll want to top it off with a bit of fresh ginger. Ginger is a great spice that helps you speed up your metabolism and give the smoothie a nice kick. Once you’ve added your ingredients, blend everything together. You’re ready to pour it into your bottle for later use.  Also, you can just drink that for your breakfast.

Building a Custom Trail Mix

Get a couple of baggies and put in a ½ cup of almonds, ¼ cup of raisins, 1 cup of dried pineapples (you can coat them with ginger), 1/3 cup of dark chocolate (this is a healthier alternative to milk chocolate), and even chop up a couple of graham crackers for a tasty treat. You can zip your baggy and shake it around. This is a nice little treat that keeps your energy level high because you get a bit of protein, sweetness, fiber, and vitamins all in one. By creating these easy recipes, you’ll be able to sustain your energy even through a busy schedule.