Keep Your New Year’s Fitness Resolution

Keep Your New Year’s Fitness Resolution

It is yet another fresh new year with fresh resolutions, one of which is to enhance your body’s fitness. Keeping this resolution in check all year round is something not many will accomplish. Many a times, people use excuses such as being very busy to slow the momentum down or ultimately give up on their quest to keep fit. There is no better way to kick start your year than with a fitness resolution. However, it feels even better when you finish the year having achieved your resolution. Below are some tips that go a long way in making sure you do not fall off along the way:

  • Be Realistic

The very first thing to do is setting your goals. These goals will act as your stepping stones and guide towards achieving general body fitness. However, it is important to remain true to you. Do not be unrealistic and set goals that you are sure you cannot achieve. The idea is to slowly push you out of your comfort zone. Setting unrealistic goals will do the exact opposite; knock you over the edge. Therefore, set realistic and achievable goals.

  • Time Yourself

Setting realistic goals is never enough. In order to get your fitness program on track throughout the year, make sure you set specific time limits to achieve each and every goal you have set. Time is of the essence. It would be wise for you to give yourself a couple of months or weeks to achieve one goal at a time. To be on the safer side, set some sort of alarm or regular reminder as to when you expect to achieve the various goals set. Use these reminders to track your progress. Preferably, set weekly reminders. Once the reminder goes off, make sure to note down what kind of progress, or regress, you have made. If your goal was to lose weight, find out how many pounds you have lost or gained. This way, you will be able to track your progress more accurately.

  • Utilize the Layer System

Start off with basic goals and put on another layer once you have achieved the previous goal. Take one baby step at a time. This way, you tend to slowly adapt to the fitness routines. Your body also adapts better to the changing routines. Do not burden yourselves with all the goals at a time. For example, set a target of visiting the gym thrice a week for the first month. Once you adapt to this change, set a goal of taking 8 glasses of water daily for the next month. You will slowly integrate the new system into your daily routine.

  • Nobody is Perfect

In order to achieve such a resolution, it is important to know that nobody is perfect; not even you! Do not expect to have a clean slate at the end of the year. You might miss a day or two at the gym. But once you make such a mistake, let the sun set and start afresh the next day.