Guide to Amazing Arms

Today you’re in for a treat because I’m going to show you exactly how to start building and sculpting your average arms into some awesome arms. You’ll have the kind of eye popping biceps and triceps that will give you the confidence to say, “Welcome to the gun show”. To get started you won’t need a lot of equipment. You’ll need some dumbbells, a barbell and an adjustable bench.  Since convenience is key in making you successful in your fitness program, this program is perfect to do either at home or at the gym. For those of you who are going to go to the gym I also have a couple of pulley exercises that I have found to be very effective which we will go over as well. Always remember before beginning this or any other exercise program to always consult your doctor and verify that you are in the right health to do it.
So let’s talk about how to get set up so you can start working on those awesome arms. Here I have all of the equipment I previously mentioned; a few dumbbells, a bar bell and an adjustable bench. Sometimes the adjustable bench will be at about a 90 degree angle for some exercises and other times it will be at 180 degrees which is flat for other exercises. Today we are going to be using a lot of free weights rather than using machines. Machines are a great tool for working out I just prefer free weights more often, dumbbells in particular because they tend to work both sides and importantly, each arm independently. With machines when you’re using them, the stronger side will start pushing up the weight while the weaker side acts more like a guide than anything else. Dumbbells on the other hand will ensure you get equal development and results which is very important.
When it comes to resting periods, we will only be resting thirty seconds to about a minute between sets. For any of you who are just beginning to work out; there are two terms you are going to need to learn and that is the term set and the term rep. Sets means the number of times you’re doing each exercise and reps are the number of individual repetitions that you’ll do within each set. For most of the arm-shaping exercises we are going to do today, we will be doing 2-3 sets with 10-15 repetitions within each set. Now let’s talk weights, you’ll want to choose a weight that you can get to about 10 or 12 reps with making sure that the 10-12th rep is really hard to do. Once you are able to easily do 15 reps, it’s time to increase the weight. Today I’ll be using some weights that are a little bit less than what I would normally use in my own workout because I’ve got to keep my breath while I’m talking and explaining the routine to you. Before you start working out, you should always warm up your muscles. Warming up the entire body is important even if you’re just doing specific part training. For some examples on some warm up moves to do, continue watching the videos in this series.