Faking your Way to a Beach Body in 5 Easy Steps

Are you one of those people who is carrying a few extra pounds around the middle at the end of every winter, love the idea of having a “beach body” and hate the idea of working out at the gym? Well then these are the five tips to faking your way to a beach body that you will want to incorporate into your lifestyle. You will see the effects within two weeks and feel like you have a million bucks in your pocket.

Morning Cardio

Yes, it was already established that you don’t like to go to the gym. However, morning cardio doesn’t mean dragging your tired butt to the gym, or running three miles before breakfast. What it does mean is spending at least twenty minutes every morning taking a brisk walk, or riding your bike around the neighborhood to get your heart pumping and blood flowing. This is not only good for boosting your metabolism and shrinking your waist line. It also wakes up your brain making you more alert and ready to focus for the busy day ahead.

Nibble don’t Gorge

Instead of eating three large meals per day, change things up. Eat four to six healthy mini meals throughout the day. This balances out your blood sugar levels keeping you from having that mid-day energy crash. Balancing your blood sugar in this way also keeps you from having those late night cravings that send you raiding the cupboards at midnight.

Reverse the Way you Think about Eating

For generations parents have been teaching their children to eat a moderate breakfast, a healthy lunch, and a solid dinner. This is actually not the healthiest of ways to eat. Reverse this to eat the majority of your calories in the morning, followed by several smaller protein packed mid-day meals, and finally a light dinner. This provides your body with the energy jump start that it needs at the beginning of the day and doesn’t leave your body with a bunch of excess or empty calories before you go to bed.

Stick to Nature

Avoid manufactured and processed foods and stick to fresh fruits and vegetables. Your body processes natural foods much more efficiently and the water and nutrients in these foods helps your body rehydrate and purge toxins through the blood stream.

Spray it. Don’t sun it.

No one wants to be the ghost on the beach, so get a tan. Just don’t do it the old fashion skin cancer causing way of lying out in the sun. Use a quality spray on tan to get that all over body beach tan glow without the risk of skin cancer.

You may not be in your ideal physical state; however that doesn’t mean you can’t still have a beach body that looks great in your favorite bathing suit. Incorporating these five tips into your daily routine whether it is for a couple of weeks or a lifetime will help you meet your beach body goals before you know it.