Customizing your Workout to Fit your Age

The way you should customize your workout plan when you are twenty is far different than the workout routine that you should be doing at the age of 50. This is due to the exertion and stresses that working out places on the body and our body’s ability to handle these stresses at different ages. Here are a few tips on what you need to do to customize your workout to fit your age.

Modifying your Cardio Routine

All ages need to incorporate both cardio and strength building exercises into their fitness routine. However when you get older it becomes much more important to monitor the amount of cardio and the kinds of cardio that you are doing in order to prevent joint injuries and heart attack.

Cardio exercises such as running or activities where you are making sudden directional changes like basketball, handball, and tennis are difficult on the knees and ankles. These are great cardiovascular workouts, however as you age you need to modify the way you perform these. Consider using knee or ankle braces as necessary when performing these kinds of activities to provide more stable support to these vulnerable joints.

Another way you can continue to get your cardio exercise in without unnecessary wear and tear of the joints is to switch to low impact exercises like the trampoline, swimming, bicycling, and speed walking. These exercises provide you with a quality cardio workout without compressing knee and ankle joints. Bonus points for choosing the trampoline and bicycling, because they also work on your balance and equilibrium skills.

Increase your Strength Building

Once you hit fifty hormone changes within the body begin to affect how strong our muscle is and the amount of muscle mass that everyday activities maintain. This is especially so for women in the fifty plus age group, since estrogen decreases and can affect bone density.

To offset the influence of time on the body’s ability to maintain muscle and strong bones, it is imperative to include gently strength building exercises into your workout. Using resistance bands and incorporating light weights into gentle cardio exercises like walking stabilizes the body’s ability to maintain its current muscle mass, while also promoting healthier bones.

Include Stretching and Meditation for a Complete Workout

Yoga, Pilates, and Tai Chi are great for people of all ages when it comes to distressing and achieving a balanced mind and body experience. They are even more beneficial when you enter your later years, because they increase circulation, improve joint mobility, and are gentle on joints, tendons, and cartilage.

As we age our muscle and joints become less pliable and our circulation becomes stagnant causing a list of medical issues. Regularly doing yoga or Pilates decreases the likelihood of developing these sometimes deadly diseases and reduces pain inducing inflammation throughout the body.

Maintaining a regular workout routine is important to being healthy, however the routine you do should be reviewed and modified annually as you get older to make sure that the time you are spending in the gym to stay healthy isn’t actually hurting you.