Bicep Curls

image1Getting fit is a very popular new year’s resolution; some people are serious and others start off serious but always put it off until tomorrow. If your serious than you’ll want to learn as much as you can about weight training, cardio and diet. Once you enter fully into the world of working out you’ll find there are countless moves to build your muscles in different ways. You need extra protein to help feed your muscles if you’re looking to gain weight rather than loose so make sure to get some information on what and how much you should be eating on a daily basis. Also, using a protein supplement is something many people do when looking image2to add on muscle. There are tons of different brands of supplements to choose from so do some research. Talk to a friend if you know anyone into working out or maybe ask someone inspiring to you at your local gym if you attend one. There are also work-out boosters that can help give you the edge you need to get out there and do it. So many people use the excuse that they are too tired but they just don’t realise that once you get in the routine of working out you’ll notice you have more energy and focus than you did before, you will have your days of being sore but the reward is much greater and the more you work-out the less sore you’ll be. That impossible hill you always had issues climbing is so much easier than you thought it could be. That outfit that didn’t look great on you before now looks amazing on you.

image3So now we are going to focus on working our biceps. The biceps brachii known as the biceps most often, are actually a two headed muscle that is located on the top of the arm between your shoulder and your elbow. One head of the bicep muscle is referred to as the short head and the other is referred to as the long head. One is more inside and the other is more toward the surface but they come together as one united mass. The biceps can be strengthened different ways using weight and resistance training like chin-ups and bicep curls which is the move we will be doing today. We will be using the cable and ropes to do the cable bicep curls. So this time when using the cable we will be using the low pulley as you’ll notice. Grasp the handles and place your fists close together with your wrists facing each other in front of you then pull up and curl the cable up using the rope, lower it back down keeping in control. Once again curl up and down keeping your elbows at your side with your feet placed about shoulder width apart. Keep your back straight and do not change your back position while curling. Do not allow yourself to use your back as momentum to raise the weights and always focus all the tension on the bicep muscles while curling. This move in particular will help you get those round well defined cannon ball biceps you’ve dreamed of so try this move and keep up the hard work.