Beyond Running: 4 Surprising Ways to Shred It on a Treadmill

Beyond Running: 4 Surprising Ways to Shred It on a Treadmill

Are you ready to take your work outs on a treadmill a notch higher? Then this is what you need to achieve the amazing treadmill moves.

  1. Plank

Set the treadmill at 1.0 miles per hour and stand on a plyo box. This helps your body to be in a better position and also in line with the treadmill. Then you are supposed to walk on the treadmill with your hands. This will be easy as the speed of the treadmill is a bit slow and it is to go for a minute or so. This work out is Important as it helps relaxing the shoulder muscles.

  1. Reverse mountain climber

Stand in the plank position on the treadmill and ensure that your body is comfortable. Make sure that the hips are on the same level with the shoulders and your wrists firmly on the treadmill. Once you are ready start the tread mill at the initial 1.0 miles per hour. It is important for you to note the direction you feet are moving on the treadmill. They tend to move inwards towards your hands and this gives you a whole body exercise.

  1. Crab crawl

Turn back to the treadmill and squat 10- 12 inches on the belt. Place your hands besides the belt as it is not yet time for you to start the walk. Align your core and extend the hips towards the ceiling and make sure that your shoulders and hips are aligned in one straight line. If all that has been achieved, start the treadmill in 1.0 miles per hour, then slowly put one hand at a time on the belt which is now in motion and start walking your hands forward. You can go on for as long as possible because the longer you stay in this position, the harder it gets.

  1. Hill blaster

On this level you become a conditioned athlete basing on your level and capability. You can incline the speed depending on your ability. Once you have inclined the speed, you should start by straddling on the treadmill so that you can jump and start taking the quick sprints. Straddling helps you gain pace and prevent you from falling in the event that you jump abruptly on the treadmill. While doing the hill bluster flow you should ensure that every part of your body is driving he movement. Also you should keep your strides shorter for maximum exercise and also to keep your back safe from being overworked.

Ensure that you keep your feet straight on the belt and make sure that you step on the belt with the balls of your feet. This sprint should take you not less than 30 seconds and there after a break of 20 seconds before you jump back on the treadmill. You can repeat the same process with different inclination levels and I promise you that it will keep your heart racing. You should try these as you proceed through your training level.