Benefits Of Osteopathic Medicine

Benefits of Osteopathic Medicine


Osteopathy as a medical practice was invented by a physician surgeon by the name A. T. Still, who passed away in 1917 at the age of 89. He served as a doctor at the civil war although he felt that the methods used back then were rather ineffective and at times harmful. It is only after the war that he fully dedicated his life to finding a more ethical and effective form of medication for the human race. 30 years into his research is when Dr. Still came up with Osteopathy. This medical practice is purely based on Dr. Still’s discoveries.

Basically, Osteopathic treatments are aimed at enabling the body to function as expected. According to this form of medication, all parts of the human body are interconnected. Therefore, each and every part depends on another in order to carry out its function. In other words, the body parts are dependent on each other for their normal day-to-day functioning. With that in mind, the body is highly capable of treating itself. This is what Osteopathic medicine is all about; enabling the human body to be fully self-sufficient. In order to compensate for an injury of illness, other parts of the body simply work towards taking care of the injured part. Such treatments enable the body to tap into its natural reserves and maintain the required body balance.

An example of how Osteopathic medicine allows the body to heal itself is during cuts. Normally, one will not require applying any sort of cream or taking drugs in order for a cut to help. It will take time to heal on its own. However, the natural healing process may end up creating a scar which in turn ends up pulling all the surrounding tissue. This causes some tension on your skin. This is where osteopathy comes into play. Through osteopathic techniques, doctors can help kill off the tension caused by such a scar on your skin. Once the tension has been killed off, the skin in that area is now able to access the required amount of nutrients and oxygen. This in turn enables the skin to continue with the healing process effectively. At the end of the day, osteopathy will have been used in enabling the skin to heal itself. This is exactly how osteopathy works.

This form of medication brings about quite a number of benefits to the body. They include:

  • Getting rid of underlying causes of discomfort or pain-

This is done through treating issues of the spine that might have come about as a result of spinal disk injuries or poor posture habits, increasing the motion range for joints and helping the muscles loosen up especially around the joints.

  • Encouraging self-healing in the body-

This is generally through reducing the degree of blood pressure as well as boosting both air and blood circulationn within the body.

  • Helps the body adapt to changes during pregnancy-

This includes both structural and hormonal changes.

  • Uses non-invasive treatment techniques to eliminate chronic pains