A Great Chicken Salad and Fruit Spritzer


Roxanne Moore from the Sodexo corporation is back with some ideas for a healthy lunch. Again, she has a young assistant to demonstrate her great recipes. What Moore and Andrew are demonstrating in this video is how to make a simple high-protein lunch; it’s an idea that she guarantees you’ll enjoy.

Crunchy chicken salad with grapes

Andrew is actually the one guiding the viewer through the recipe, and he’s selected a crunchy chicken salad with grapes. First, Andrew says, you start with three-quarters of a cup of low-fat mayonnaise. You’re going to add a half a teaspoon of ground ginger to the mayonnaise and then also a half a

teaspoon of salt. At this point Moore needs to intervene to give the viewer some fact, to wit: that a half a teaspoon of salt contributes about 175mg of sodium per serving. She adds that if you’re trying to reduce your sodium intake, you can cut the salt in half or leave it out entirely. There are some salt subtitutes that add taste without adding sodium to your diet.

Andrew continues after Moore has said what she had to say about sodium. Now, he says, you want to add three cups of cooked and cubed chicken (if you’re concerned about fat intake, use breast meat for this). Along with the chicken, you’ll add five cups of red seedless grapes that have been cut in half. Then add one cup sliced celery (sliced into small cubes) along with one-half of a cup of sliced green onions (also known as scallions), and, finally, one-half of a cup of nuts to the mayonnaise mixture.

What kind of nuts? It doesn’t matter: whatever nut you and your family like to eat. Walnuts, pecans, almonds… whatever works for you. Now mix it all together well.

Now cover that dish and chill it for at last three hours before serving it.

So how do you eat it? There are a lot of options. You can put the chicken salad into a sandwich—if you add lettuce and put it on sourdough bread, it’s fantastic. But that’s not all: spread it onto whole-wheat crackers (that makes for a great office or school lunch, for example), or you can even make a salad and put this chicken-salad mixture on top of the salad. You’re only limited by your imagination!

Fruit spritzer

So now you have a great high-protein, low-fat lunch. Are you going to drink water to go with it? You don’t have to! Andrew says that he likes to make a fruit spritzer with club soda, juice and fruit. Club soda is actually just carbonated water that contains no calories or sugar. If you mix it with your favorite fruit juice, you can create a healthy, tasty beverage. Andrew also likes to add some fresh fruits to his spritzer, which creates a drink that’s much healthier than soda.

Moore is pleased: she likes to see kids adding vegetables or fruits to their diets, and this spritzer adds fruit. She notes that it’s important for everyone to stay hydrated, but too many people stay hydrated with soda and other sugar-filled drinks. This spritzer gives you hydration without calories or sugar.